Shwasakasachintamanirasa, an effective medicine in the management of Bronchial Asthma

Scholar: Dr. Megha Devanand Takale, M.D. (Scholar) Kayachikitsa, R. A. Podar Medical (Ayu)College, Worli, Mumbai-18


Guided By:

Dr.Geeta D. Parulkar.

M.D. Ph D (Chikitsa) (Mum)

Associate Professor (Chikitsa)

R.A.Podar Medical (Ayu) College,

Worli, Mumbai-18

  • Abstract:

In this era, Bronchial Asthma (BA) is common problem in societies due to various behavioral and environmental factors, further excessive use of steroidal and anti- inflammatory drugs as well as viral infections also contribute major part in pathogenesis of BA. Bronchial Asthma is a respiratory disorder that has been recognized since ancient times. In Ayurveda, it is equivalent to Shwasa.  It is a chronic inflammatory disorder of the airway, and the common distressing disease affecting 3-5% of total population. A number of drugs are available in modern system of medicine to conquer this condition, but are known to develop various adverse drug reactions. These crises lead to the search for natural products from plant or mineral origin possessing potential of Anti–asthmatic activity. Rasaushadhis (mineral and herbo–mineral ayurvedic medicines) are better to eradicate the abovesaid ailment.

Shwasakasachintamanirasa is an Ayurvedic Preparation famous for its effective use in Bronchial Asthma (i.e. Shwasaroga). It’s ingredients are known for their specific mode of action for curation of the abovesaid disease. By this attempt, the readers can understood it, so as to take the benefit of ‘Pulmo-protection’ wherever the ground.


The demand of herbal and herbomineral drugs is increasing day-by-day due to their excellent efficacy, fewer side effects and good faith by Indian comunity. The drugs which are available in Ayurvedic system of medicine are obtained either from herbal, animal or mineral sources. Rasaushadhis (mineral and herbo-mineral ayurvedic medicines) are unique forms give benefits of long shelf life and better therapeutic efficacy  in lower dose. In the current kinetic era, Rasaushadhis have given one of the best a complete novel health care look to Ayurveda.

Shwasakasachintamanirasa is Kharaliya Rasayanas (medicines prepared in mortar and pestle). It is a completely balanced solution which is designed to tackle the various types of diseases ailments such as Vamshagata Shwasa,Kaphapradhana Shwasa, Ajirnajanya Shwasa,Pittaprakopjanya Shwasa ,Vardhkyajanya Shwasa, and Hikka.

  • Ingredients (Ghatakadravyas):
Sr.No. Ingredients (Ghatakdrayas) Quantity(Pramana)
1. Shuddha Parada 1
2. Suvarna Makshika Bhasma 1
3. Suvarna Bhasma 1
4. Mouktika Bhasma ½
5. Shuddha Gandhaka 2
6. Abhraka Bhasma 2
7. Loha Bhasma 4
  • Bhavanadravyas:
Sr.No Ingredients (Ghatak dravyas) Bhavana (Pramana)
1. Kantakari Kwatha 7  Times
2. Aja Dugdha 7  Times
3. Yasthimadhu Kwatha 7  Times
4. Tambul Swarasa 7  Times
  • Properties of Ingredients of Shwasakasachintamanirasa:
Sr.No. Dravya Rasa Virya Vipaka Gunas Karyas
1. Shudhaa Parada 6 Rasa Shita Madhura Snigdha, Yogawahi
2. Suvarna Bhasma Madhura, Kashaya, Tikta Shita Madhura Snigdha, Guru Vrushya, Hridya, Bruhana
3. Abhraka Bhasma Madhura Parama Shita Madhura Snigdha, Laghu, Medhya Atibalya, Netrya
4. Moutika Bhasma Madhura Shita Madhura Shita Hridya, Medhya,Balya
5. Loha Bhasma Kashaya, Tikta Shita Madhura Ruksha Medhya, Varnya, Netrya
6. Suvarna Makshika Bhasma Madhura, Tikta Shita Madhura Snigdha, Shita Vrushya,Rasayana, Chakshushya
7. Shudhaa Gandhak Madhura, Kashaya, Tikta,katu Ushna Madhura Snigdha,


Balya, Vrushya, Rasayana, Bruhana,Deepana, Pachana
  • Matra (Dosages)- 125-250 mg  Twice a day, After food.
  • Anupana – Pipalli Kwatha ,Madhu, Ushnodaka (Lukewarm water)
  • Uses Benificial in Shwasa ,Kasa, Hikka, Kshaya ,Pandu, Kamala, Halimaka, Yakrut and Pitta vikaras etc.
  • Samprapti of Shwasa:

The Samprapti (Etiopathogenesis)of Shwasaroga  is explained by charakacharya in details (in  Charakasamhita, Chikitsasthana,Adhyaya 17) The nidana (Aetiology) varies predominantly from the exposure to allergen in the environment inhaled , sudden change of weather, emotional stress, allergy to some food etc. However, physiological status also plays an important role in the case of Shwasa.

The etiological factors like Ati snigdha aahara, Ati ruksha aahara, Vishamashana, Akal bhojana, Anashana, Veganigraha (suppression of natural urges), Vidahi anna-pana sevana, Dushta anna sevana and seasonal variation etc. causes the vitiation of Dosha (especially of Vata and Kapha).This causes vitiation of urastha Avalambak Kapha leading to avarodha in Pranavaha strotas, play important role in manifestation of diseases, which in turn obstruct the activities of Vata. Thus, obstructed Vata tries to overcome the obstruction, thus combine with Kapha residing in shwasaroga.

The Swasakasachintamanirasa is mainly used to break the samprapti of Shwasaroga.

  • Sampraptibhanga (Mode of action by Shwasakasachintamanirasa)

Shwasakasachintamanirasa gives relief from various diseases related to  Pranavahastrotas (Respiratory System) by neutralizing Vata(Prana and Udana Vayu) and Kapha (Aavlambaka Kapha) ,also acts by Vilayana of dushta kapha. It helps to expel the stagnant Kapha which obstruct the movement of vata and by this way normalize the activities of Vata.The ingredients of kalpa act as Rasayana for “Pranavahastrotasa”. As we know main ingredient of this kalpa  is suvarna which is Rasayana,Balya and Ojovrudhikar in jirna vyadhis (chronic diseases).Parada  Gandhaka kajjali and Abhraka bhasma are as being ‘Yogavahi’ useful as bioinhancer and act as carrier for target drug action .Other constituents are beneficial in all the diseases of Vata and Kapha,mainly in Chronic respiratory diseases.


In this era, various types of Allopathic drugs use to treat Asthma, but the most important lacunas  are their side effects. Some alternative therapies from the natural sources are used in the treatment of this disease also. Shwasakasachintamanirasa, a herbo–mineral formulation is widely used for the treatment of Bronchial Asthma in common practice.  In context to the present review, it can be concluded that the ingredients of Shwasakasachintamanirasa can be regarded as the contributing factors in the treatment of Bronchial Asthma.

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