What Your Favourite Colour Says About Your Psychological Characteristics?


What Your Favourite Colour Says About
Your Psychological Characteristics?
Dr. Kavita Indapurkar
MD (Ayu), PhD

Colour plays a vitally important role in the world in which we live. Colour can sway thinking, change actions, and cause reactions. It can irritate or soothe your eyes, raise your blood pressure or suppress your appetite. It is Nature’s own powerful signalling system. Scientifically, it is the first thing we register when we are assessing anything. When used in the right ways, colour can save on energy consumption. When used in the wrong ways, colour can contribute to global pollution. On a wider level, the colours of our environment affect our behaviour and mood. When yellow daffodils, bluebells and colourful crocuses appear, we immediately begin to feel livelier; when grey skies and rain or snow surround us we instinctively draw in and tend to hibernate.

An Aura is a field of energy that surrounds all living beings. Some gifted people are able to see the colours of an Aura. The Aura is made up of layers and patterns of colour, although an Aura can also be felt, heard, or sensed through other means other than colour recognition. The colours of an individual’s Aura can reveal much about their physical, spiritual, emotional and mental state. The Aura reflects the well-being, mood and energy of a person, animal or plant. Dominant Blue in your Aura, for example can indicate that you are highly spiritual, has a strong will and a determined focus. It can also show inability to open up and express deep emotions and have doubts about your own abilities, talents and skills. A principal colour of Green in an Aura indicates strong home and family orientation and a deep connection to nature. It can show that you are a natural healer in tune with nature and its forces.

Science has always recognized the link between colour and mood/behavior and there is a large body of scientific research into it, but very less work has done until now.

Your first choice of colour can explain your psychological characteristics.

Also by knowing features of colours and their effect on our moods we can use them as a demand of time or specific occasion, eg. Wear something in white if you are beginning a new adventure, such as the first day at college, a new job or the start of a new project.

The features of each colour, the features of person with first choice of specific colour are explained bellow.


If you have a white colour personality you have a clean and clear view of how you want to live your life. You also have high moral standards and expect the best from yourself and others. You are intelligent and seek knowledge and inspiration from many sources. You are highly spiritual, a natural empathy and healer. You like to use your talents to help others. You are an optimist and always see life as the glass half full.

On the downside of a white colour personality, because you have a superior intelligence, you can seem arrogant, lofty and self righteous at times. With white as a favourite colour you sometimes border on a control freak mentality.


If you have a pink colour personality you have a generous, warm, loving and compassionate nature. You display maternal and the traditional feminine traits of caring and nurturing and need to give love and attention to others. You also need a great deal of love yourself and crave protection, safety and security. You are very romantic and sensuous and enjoy the idea of being in love. You are a positive optimist and always find the good in everyone. Because of this you may have placed your trust and affections into undeserving people.

On the downside you can be overly sensitive and hurt easily. With pink as a favourite colour you can also become too reliant and dependent on others and lack the confidence to go it alone.


If you have a purple colour personality you have strong psychic abilities – whether you are aware of them or not. You also have a vivid imagination and can use it to create some magical works of art, poetry, fiction or music. You are somewhat of a dreamer and often prefer to live in a fantasy world rather than the cold, grey reality of life. People are drawn to you and see you as an inspirational figure. You are very understanding, supportive and compassionate.

On the downside you can be too introverted and secretive and seldom reveal the real you to others. You can also have unrealistic expectations of yourself and others.


If you have an indigo colour personality you have an open, flexible and understanding nature. You are highly intuitive and can step into the shoes of others easily. People see you as wise, knowledgeable and intelligent. You are very sensitive and psychic and sense strongly the moods and emotions of others. Although you have friends and family around you, you sometimes prefer times of solitude. You like time and space to think, meditate and contemplate on all of life’s mysteries. You are highly spiritual and like to live your life balancing your mind, body and soul.                                                                                                    On the downside of an indigo colour personality you can have a tendency to have low moods, which can lead to depression. You can be susceptible to addictions.


If you have a blue colour personality you have the ability to read people. You can immediately tell if you can trust someone and if their motives are honest. You are a very good judge of character and will not be taken advantage of. You are a very honest, straight forward and trustworthy person and can be relied upon to do the right thing. You are a master communicator.

On the downside of a blue colour personality you can be too talkative and lack listening skills. With blue as a favourite colour you may also have a tendency to have unrealistic expectations of others. You may also be prone to feeling down, depressed or sad.


If you have a green colour personality you have a strong infinity to nature and prefer natural environments. You love to have balance in your life and cannot tolerate upsets, arguments or turmoil. You are a peacemaker and will take a calm, controlled view of both sides before negotiating agreements between parties. You are highly creative and you have many talents related to creativity. You are hard working and thorough and will not stop until you have completed a task.

On the downside of a green colour personality you can be too critical of yourself – and sometimes others. Your perfectionist ideals can sometimes disappoint you and you can become moody because of this. You also tend to be overly sensitive and too cautions and take a long time to really place your trust in others. Envy and jealousy of others is also a problem for you at times.


If you have a yellow colour personality you have a happy, vibrant and fun loving personality. You are a positive optimist with no place for negative thinking, people or experiences. Life is for living and you love to live it up. You are analytical and detail oriented and pay attention to accuracy. You are brimming with bright ideas and find inspiration and motivation from many sources. You are extremely intelligent, a quick thinker with a quick wit. You are fun to be around and are never short of amusing and interesting anecdotes to impress people with.

On the downside of a yellow colour personality you can be hard to please and cannot understand why others are not as bright, intelligent or brilliant as you. You find it difficult to switch off and are constantly mentally alert.


If you have an orange colour personality you have an optimistic, fun loving and sociable nature. You are extrovert and are at ease in social situations. You tend to make friends easily as people are attracted to your warm and enthusiastic energy. You are friendly, outgoing and have a terrific sense of humour.

On the downside of a orange colour personality you can take risky chances, only to get your fingers burnt. You can also be too forceful, undiplomatic and domineering in your relationships with others.


If you have a red colour personality you have fiery, passionate nature and a lust for life. You are brave, courageous and very daring. Your energy and enthusiasm for life is contagious and many people see you as a motivational and inspirational character. You are competitive, assertive and sometimes aggressive in your career. You like to win and cannot deal with defeat. You are the life and soul of any party and have many admirers around you.

On the downside of a red colour personality you can be too over the top and seldom take time to really relax. You can be too impulsive and often take action before really thinking things through.


If you have a brown colour personality you are dependable, trustworthy and reliable in your nature. You have many friends who depend on you for your down to earth, practical advice. You are very approachable and friendly and people feel comfortable with you. Home is very important to you and family and friends mean the world to you.

On the downside of a brown colour personality you can be a bit of a stick in the mud and are seen as inflexible at times. You may prefer to live a predictable and ordered life and are sometimes afraid of change. You sometimes take life too seriously.


If you have a gold colour personality you have a vibrant, optimistic and enthusiastic nature. You love to bask in the limelight and have flair, panache and extravagant tastes. You have a love of the finer things in life and admire art, drama and all things of beauty.

On the downside of a gold colour personality you can be over dramatic in your reactions to people and events. With gold as a favourite colour you can sometimes appear arrogant, bossy or overbearing.


If you have a silver colour personality you are imaginative, creative and very intuitive. You love to use your imagination and can express yourself well in poetry and fictional writing. You are incredibly flexible and adaptable and can turn your hand to almost anything.

On the downside of a silver colour personality you can be too introspective and may hide yourself away from others. You can also be narcissistic and feel you are superior to others.


If you have a black colour personality you are a very independent thinker and have some unique and uncongenial thoughts, views and opinions. You are seen by others as somewhat a mysterious character that not many people can fathom. In many ways you are superior to others and will excel in anything you really put your mind to.

On the downside of a black colour personality you can be using black as a shield or cloak to protect yourself from others. You may have been hurt in the past and are afraid of really opening up again for fear of rejection, criticism or ridicule. With black as a favourite colour you may also be afraid to show your feelings and emotions to others.