Have you ever heard of this word Diastasis Recti ? But for sure many women may undergone from this condition during and after pregnancy.


Diastasis Recti is  an condition where the connective tissue of  (mid line band  of abdominal muscles ) Rectus Abdominis  muscles called linea Alba  of the abdominal wall stretches and creates a  gap of 2-2.5 finger width or 2cm width.

Rectus Abdominis commonly called ‘Abs’ are a pair of long flat muscles that extend vertically along the entire length of the abdomen adjacent to the umbilicus. The Linea Alba and entire central connective meeting point of abdominal muscles includes a meshwork of collagen fibers.

A small amount of widening of the mid line happens in all pregnancies because of growing foetus and stretching of uterus   which is  very normal and usually  after pregnancy these muscle and soft tissues will  try to regain its shape and position in the abdominal wall but fails to reach 100%.

Diastasis Recti occurs in 30% of all pregnancies. Some postpartum women’s mid lines close to less than 2 finger widths spontaneously but for many the tissues remain too wide causing problems.

Nutritional Significance in Diastasis Recti:

Vitamin C , Vitamin A and Zinc are important for collagen regeneration and helps these fibres to be taut. Protein which is a cog of each cell in the body also plays a major role in repairing damaged tissue.

Water is vital for detoxifying and hydrating connective tissue and for improving circulation.

Essential Fatty Acids (Alpha Linolenic Acid) is another vital component of diet for Healing which helps in absorption of fat soluble vitamins and has a affirmative effect on immune system.

Foods impede Diastasis Recti:

Inflammatory foods such as sugar, Alcohol, Caffeine, Processed foods and Tran’s fats are nutritional preventing from improving.

Even the emotionally stressed body delays from Recovery.


ASTANGA YOGAS – Uddiyana Banda, Agnisar Dhouti, Shatkarma kriya, Bhastrika


In Ayurvedic classics Acharya Sushruta , Acharya Vagbhata and Achaya Kashyapa has mentioned regimens for puerperal women.

Abhyanga (Body massage) should be done which helps in subsiding pain soon after the delivery and helps restoring wasting of the muscles,

Medicines used for Abhyanga are bala taila, rasna taila , sahachara taila etc.

Pattabandana (Belly tieing ) – there is a specific technique of  tieing the abdomen  which helps  these rectus abdominis Muscle to come back to its normal position.

Decoctions prepared out of pippali, pippalimoola, cavya, citraka with warm jiggery water is very essential. Pancha kola decoction with rock salt.


Rice gruel, meat soup.