Here I am going to explain regarding the things one should avoid during menstruation.
Menstrual cycle is a process occurs during every month , where the blood vessels arteries of the inner most layer of the uterus called endometrium sheds or gets detached because of the hormonal changes and again it will reconstruct in next cycle with the help of hormones , this detaining and reconstructing process of blood vessels of endometrial layer can be called as menstrual cycle.
During Menstrual cycle ,
1. One should not perform intercourse as it might leads to infection for both the couples, also there may be a changes of retrograde (reverse )flow of blood into pelvis and leads to the changes of getting Endometriosis.
According to Ayurveda , performing sex during menstruation will leads to variation of doshas, ie it aggravates the vata doshas and causes frothiness and discolouration of menstrual bleed , also causes pain during menstruation.

2. Exercise during menstruation also causes the aggravation of vata doshas and causes painful menstruation also sometimes leads to variation with the blood flow.

3. Taking Head bath should be avoided as it causes the imbalances of the hormones in the brain by cooling the head, by doing this some part of blood will remain in uterus which may leads to infection in later stages.

4. Taking too much spicy foods to be restricted during menstruation as it leads to increase of vata and pitta doshas , by this women can experience heavy bleeding and pain during menstruation .

5. Sleeping on hard uneven couch and sleeping underneath fan will increases dryness in the body in the sense vata doshas will aggravate and causes body pain and stiffness in the body.

6. Eating and drinking too cold should be avoided during menstruation which causes spasms in the uterus and causes spasmodic pain.

7. Walking in cold breeze and travelling will also increases vata and causes pain, stiffness and alters the blood flow.