We all know GEMS are wonderful mineral objects and organic objects with lot of positive energies and abilities which help Humans in their endeavors – such as Professional, Emotional, Spiritual, day to day Life, mundane affairs, such as Traveling also and many other Human affairs as Love, Luck, Valour etc., etc.,
GEMS are valued for their :

  1. Healing abilities.
  2. Curing abilities.
  3. Remedial abilities and
  4. Their abilities to make a positive difference to the wearer or to its Owner’s feelgood factor.


GEMS are not only wonderful but they are beautiful also, we have beautiful GEMS which are not repeated or replicated or cannot be created and each one’s beauty is so rare and unique – one such GEM with exceptional colour and rare beauty is BLUE TOPAZ. Every one who views BLUE TOPAZ in close is mesmerized by its beautiful colour and wants to possess it or own it instantly, but does any one know that it is a RADIO-ACTIVE GEM and is not suitable for common use of Humans or common possession of Humans collection of GEMS. Well, then what is this Radio active Blue Topaz Gem and what harm it causes to Humans when they possess it or wear it.

BLUE TOPAZ does occur naturally, in lovely pastel shades, it is one of nature’s “Rarest and Loveliest Gem” – But alas regardless of its beauty and rarity and the preciousness (value) – it commands a very small price – because it does not heal / cure / help – because it has been found to be “Radio-Active” (which means it emits harmful particles) and may be harmful to its wearer, most BLUE TOPAZ Gems sold in United States of America (U.S.A) since 1992 has been tested for Radio-Active level by Gemological Institute of America (G I A) – The World’s foremost authority on Gemology and other established Gem Labs for that purpose, so, one has to be careful while buying BLUE TOPAZ Gems out side U.S.A where testing is not there.

About 8 or 9 years back – during an interaction with one of the most seasoned “Gem Traders” with around 55 years of Gem Trading experience – I learnt from him that BLUE TOPAZ when worn as a ring or in necklace or in any other form of ornaments continuously is known to cause trouble in throat or itching in throat area.
Another Gem stone which is harmful is MALACHITE – which has Toxic effect on its wearer – so this is also another Gem stone to be avoided while selecting Gems to own or to wear.

Lastly I would like to mention the most popular ROSE QUARTZ is a high vibration Crystal or Gem which is not to be worn for long time.

In conclusion, we may say all Gem stones or Crystals may not be used for Human beings for the long term use and further research in this area may throw light on such Gems.