Launched customized health services in Mumbai by Dr. Rahul Ghule, Magicdil

First Time In India 24/7 Customized Health Services A pioneering and royal approach to the old fashioned house calls


In India, 35% death are due to life style related and non communicable diseases .Diabetes ,Hypertension, Cardiovascular Disease and Cancer. (as per Govt. Of India). These are partners in the crime spelling your health due to stressful lifestyle, Junky food, Habits, Lack of Sound Sleep, Lack Of exercise, leads to ill health. In this case regular screening of your health should get at most priority. Our organization has taken an oath to make every INDIAN HEALTHY. Our core team consist of a dazzling array of highly acclaimed doctors who work for Noble cause, Our doctor panel include renowned Cardiologist, Chest And General Physician, Diabitalogist. At ground level we have trained qualified MBBS/BAMS doctors who could look after you take your every care.They are just call away from you.