By Dr. N. Chandra Shekar, Bangalore.

Alcoholism has been defined as “A State of periodic or Chronic intoxication produced by the repeated consumption of alcoholic substance and involves tolerance, psychological dependence, physical dependence and an overwhelming compulsion to continue using the alcoholic substance with detrimental effects”.

No alcoholic person has become an alcoholic intentionally; it starts off on a different note – for some it is inquisitiveness, for some it is a pleasure, for some the antiestablishment streak in them makes them to start and for some it is a belief that alcoholic substance facilitates a better mental performance, and for some it is a social status which is called as “social drinking”.

We believe that in the life of every alcoholic there was “cross roads” where the person recognizes the problem atleast once but unable to muster enough strength and motivation to free oneself from the habit and their immediate environment and surroundings also fail to recognize this and the person becomes a successful “problem drinker” and moves on to become an alcoholic addict.

Undoubtedly alcoholism is an abnormality and sometimes it is called as sickness because every person does not become an alcoholic addict.

It is noted that all “Alcoholic addicts” have certain negative personality traits in common irrespective of caste, creed, religion, nationality, profession, rich, poor and gender.                                                                                                                            The negative traits are:

Inner conflicts and unresolved psychosexual difficulties.
Feelings of insecurity and inferiority.
Low tolerance to stress and frustration.
Lack of self expression or ability to communicate and solve the problems.
Lack of will power or self determination.
The successful counseling or Gem therapy is in helping the alcoholic addict to fight these negatives traits with an appropriate Gem called AMETHYST and also with an element of SPIRITUALITY in it apart from Holistic medical treatment.

Gem Therapy is an ancient and forgotten dimension in helping alcoholic people. But in the past few years “Gem Therapy” has become known due to the increasing popularity of Holistic (Medical) approach to life’s problems through Alternative Medicines, complimentary medicines and native therapies (through nature’s wisdom) in the entire world.

In Gem literature AMETHYST GEM is mentioned as the one Gem which helps alcoholic people, it is a Greek word where AMETHYST means “Not Drunken”. Traditionally AMETHYST was recommended as a cure for drunkenness – because the wearer had a sobering effect and not only that – the wearer would also overcome physical passion. In ancient culture AMETHYST was worn as an amulet.

Amethyst may benefit people with troubled sleep (for which alcohol is used as an answer by those people).

Formerly Amethyst was a favourite Gemstone of high officials and priests of the Christian church – for it encouraged the love of God and promote selflessness. It is useful in dispelling rage, anger, fear and anxiety and it encourages spirituality which is an essential element in helping alcoholic people to overcome their drinking problems, because it is observed that people who use their spirituality to cope with the negative traits and its changing circumstances enjoy not only better physical health but good mental strength to combat their problems.

Amethyst helps center and balance emotional highs and lows which is a very very essential factor in combating alcoholism – as it is observed that alcoholic people drink when they are happy to celebrate their happiness and also drink when they are sad to contain their unhappiness.

Amethyst is a good Gemstone to be used by people who are at “Cross roads” of alcohol drinking and who are unable to muster enough strength and motivation to quit alcohol drinking – as this Gemstone improves in self motivation which may lead to successful handling of the drinking problem.

Gem literature suggest – for best effect Amethyst should be moved around the body particularly in the lung area. If it is to be worn it can be worn as Mala close to heart or at the throat as a pendant or as a dollar. Even as a finger ring on middle finger. Rough Amethyst clusters and Geodes (Crystal Amethyst rocks) can also be placed in the environment or in the living areas, it can also be kept under the pillow.

One can start wearing the finger ring or Mala or Dollar or Pendant whichever is convenient on a Shuklapaksha Panchami thithi or Sapthami thithi or Dashami thithi which falls on a Thursday in a good muhurtha after consulting your regular Astrologer or family Astrologer.

Last but not the least is that Amethyst Gemstone or crystal should not be used by people of Paranoia problem or Schizophrenic problem.

Finally, one interesting information to the readers about one old period and a estate Amethyst finger ring jewellery was sold at $16,020 at an auction in Geneva just few years back. Now Amethyst gem is available in the market at an affordable price for our purpose.