Twelve Ways to Happiness



After having settled in life, one looks around to do something more than just live a Life, being helpful and kind to those less privileged, to share your wealth of time and resources. Through such acts of service without expecting any rewards, Happiness results. Happiness which we can find being Sincere, being Honest, a kind of Satisfaction which results in life only after having done something for society’s not so privileged people.

Grief when shared divides, but Happiness, when shared, multiplies. Make Happiness your goal in life and achieve it through following Twelve Ways:

  1. Be Grateful to people who make you HAPPY. They are the charming Gods who make your souls blossom. Make a habit of Gratitude and Thanksgiving even for small, small things. Show gratitude to your friends, relatives and children for bringing happier moments. Seeing other’s happy, specially Children, can make us very happy. Have lots of friends, family members and Children around whenever you can which adds to your self-assurance and confidence level in addition to happiness.  When upset, think of something you are grateful for. Adopt an attitude of Gratitude. It is impossible to feel bad about a situation, when you are feeling grateful.
  2. Be Thankful to God for his small mercies. Just before shutting your eyes every night, spare five minutes for yourself analyzing day’s events. Count your present blessings and good fortune which all of us have in plenty rather than past misfortunes which all of us have some. Always look at what you have.  Not at what you have lost or do not have.  Pray regularly and have explicit faith in God. Prayer and faith are the architect of Happiness in our lives.
  3. Limit your desires. Wanting more and more but not having the means, can make anyone very unhappy and leads to a feeling of inferiority complex.  In life there is no end to wants and desires. Fulfillment of one desire leads to another. You have to stop somewhere. After your basic needs have been met, Money or Things it can buy, does not contribute to your Happiness Quotient.
  4. Being Helpful: Each time you are kind or help someone, you will feel your happiness quotient going up considerably. The Best Portions of a Good man’s life are his little nameless unsung acts of kindness and love. Being generous, kind and capable of giving, will positively make you happy and add to your feel good factor. Shift Stress ‘to Give’ in life. Society has given you so much. Give something back and see the difference in yourselves.  Do not ignore or look the other way when you see the miseries around you. Respond to your conscience.  Try to do whatever little you can and feel the difference and enjoy your happiness level after you have done your bit.
  5. Forgive & Forget: Forgive and see how great you feel. Do not carry the weight of other’s grudges in your life. Drop them and see how light you feel.  Forgiveness is about loving oneself enough to be Honest, Open minded and rearing to go ahead in life. Forgiveness adds to life’s Positive Attitude and give you lot of Peace of Mind and tranquility resulting in perpetual Happiness.
  6. Good Health: Irrespective of how much money you make and all those goodies you can buy with it, unless you enjoy good health, all that comes to naught. 45 minutes of morning walk and exercise is the blessing for the whole day. Eat moderate light meals. Avoid tempting but unhealthy and harmful Junk Foods.  Laugh, at every opportunity and smile at others to see others smiling back at you.  Keep repeating in your mind the events, people and small things which made you particularly happy. Do Pranayam which is nothing but Deep Breathing. Breath deeply at every opportunity, while sitting in office or at home or even while driving. Deep inhaling and exhaling of air, lets more oxygen of the air absorbed by the blood in lungs. This simple act, done many times a day, makes our blood healthier and oxygen rich and adds to our feeling of self-confidence, well-being and contentment apart from maintaining your Blood Pressure..
  7. Avoid Social competition or one-upmanship which is the major cause of unhappiness and acrimony in most of us. Do not react when others’ show-off.  Simply ignore such overtures. Ostentatious living, always in competition with others, does not make sense as a lifestyle not to your Taste, Maturity or Tranquility. Always be co-operative and you will see others co-operating with you, happily.
  8. Learn to cope up with stress. Uncertainties and Problems of daily lives are normal but essential part of everyone’s life. We always tend to think that bad things happen to us only. Everyone has his own problems.  Do not crib about things.  No one likes to be in the company of those who are always cribbing and complaining.   Sincerity and honesty plays important role in achieving the goal of happiness in life. What you are inside, should be outside. You can’t be both Phony and Happy.
  9. Be appreciative of Things and People. Express your Sincere Appreciation whenever you can. Always be on the lookout for good. Be good and good only will come back. When you are looking out for good, you will always find it. Never hesitate to express good thoughts and appreciation. It will make you feel Happy and others too in your company. Often, people are very vociferous and critical about things. But are not expressive when they like something or find something to be appreciative about. Be liberal in your sincere appreciation and do not miss any such opportunity. Everyone needs appreciation which results in motivation.  If you can provide it to them, you will, in turn, add to your own happiness and sense of well-being. Try Being a good Listener rather than good speaker.
  10. Avoid Self-Pity, which is single biggest cause for depression and resultant unhappiness. Always keep your Self-esteem and Self-worth high in your own mind.  Set your own Standards and do not ape others. Avoid being petty.  Do not let your happiness be Captive to others’ Actions or Outbursts.  Take pride in yourself and your heritageMake it a habit to look at brighter side of things.  Do not play the blame game. It never pays.
  11. Work is worship. Enjoy your work. Ultimately, it is after an honest days work, you will feel happy, satisfied and elated.
  12. Have something to look forward to. Anticipation of some good time would always make you happy.  Those who look at life with anticipation, see possibilities for Happiness in everything. Always focus on the present. Most of us, tend to regret the past and dread the future. Be Bold. Shun that gut wrenching feeling of guilt complex which is a road block to your Progress, Sense of happiness and general feeling of well being. Get over that feeling of guilt over things or happenings over which you have absolutely no control. After having done your Best, leave things in God’s hand.

Happiness is not the absence of conflict but, your ability to cope with it. Idea is to offer Positive, step by step guidelines for faithful living, suggesting you to change your attitude towards disappointments, keep focus on your goals and unlock the tremendous healing power of Positive Attitude, ushering an era of total and complete happiness in life. Happiness is actually a state of mind. And Human Mind is an Ocean. Always full of Thoughts. It is up to you to fill this ocean with undrinkable Salt Water (Negative Thoughts) or Life giving Sweet Water (Happy Positive Thoughts).

Life is complex, Both Good and Bad, Hope and Despair, Success and Failure. All integral part of life. Fill your mind with Positive Thoughts and make Happiness a Habit and Goal in life with above

Twelve ways. Let there be no space in your mind for anything negative.