According to modern science , low BP is mainly due to faulty nutrition . The tissue of walls of blood vessels gets over relaxed and stretched due to less oxygen and less nutrients supply to tissues. Even food poisoning and acute/ chronic anemia may leads to low blood pressure in some persons.

And common complaints or the symptoms of low BP are lethargic , weakness , fatigue and dizziness .

These happens mainly due to decrease in perfusion of blood to brain , heart , skeletal muscles and other organs .

According to Ayurveda , Low BP is mainly due to vitiation of vayu and Mandagni ( weak digestive fire)

For people with

vata constitution Low BP is the result of poor circulation of blood
Pitta constitution it is caused due to anaemia condition and affected functioning of liver
Kapha constitution low BP can happen when there is congestion and stagnation in the body which reduceses the blood flow
Medicines helpful in case of low BP

Hinguvastaka choorna
Ashwagandha choorna
Induppukanam choorna
Yastimadhu choorna
Haiswanaram choorna
Diet recommendation:

Beetroot juice , dry fruits , cheese, meat soup, fruits- mango, Apple , banana , grapes; leguminous , basil leaves , resins , almonds, green leafy vegetables .

Increased intake of foods rich in vitamin -C and vitamin-B

Drink plenty of water.

According to specific dosha constitution

Pitta – turmeric +Aloe Vera gel
Vata – add garlic to your diet
Kapha- trikatu
Restricted activities :

Avoid vigorous exercise and excessive sex
Avoid alcohol consumption
Don’t cross the leg while sitting or sleeping