NIA JAIPUR Organizing International Conference on Diabetes Mellitus, 5-7 Feb 2017

NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF AYURVEDA is going to organize an Inter-national conference on 'Scope and Role of Ayurveda in the Management of Madhumeha (Diabetes Mellitus) and its Complications' from 5th to 7th FEB 2017.


This year the focus of Sambhasha in the form of an International Conference will be “Scope and Role of Ayurveda in the Management of Madhumeha (Diabetes Mellitus) and its Complications”. The conference will be organized from 5th to 7th February 2017 at Dhanvantari Auditorium at NIA Campus, Jaipur. In the Ancient Ayurvedic texts Prameha has been described whose etiology, signs, symptoms, complications and some treatment guidelines are similar to Diabetes mellitus. Ayurvedic science is successfully practised all over India and so also the Diabetes is treated on those lines by Ayurvedic Physicians. It is need of the hour to globalize these ideas for betterment of the mankind and for controlling the epidemic of Diabetes world over. The Sambhasha aims to provide Ayurveda standpoint regarding Anna (Diet), Vihara (Life style) and Aushadha (Medicine) in the prevention and treatment of Diabetes mellitus and its complications amidst a galaxy of luminaries who will grace the occasion.
The venue for this confluence of the Ancient and Contemporary Knowledge is National Institute of Ayurveda, one of the premier Ayurvedic institutions of India pioneering in the field of Ayurveda Education, Research and Patient Care since last 4 decades. It is situated at Jaipur- a city where comes alive the amalgam of centuries; an eye catching convergence of traditional and contemporary culture. It is one of the best-planned cities of the world with excellent connectivity by rail, road and air. The weather remains very pleasant in February, inviting hordes of visitors to Jaipur- the Pink City. Sambhasha will be a great opportunity to interact with erudite scholars of Ayurveda and to benefit from their knowledge and experience. It will be our sincere effort to ensure that every delegate enjoys the academic feast along with cultural fiestas and resplendent tourist venues that our splendid city offers.